Through Dagus's Eyes

Wolves of Stone Ridge, #7

Dagus Whitton is still recovering from his kidnapping by the scientists who were experimenting and killing shapeshifters. Now Dagus is getting tired of not having any privacy. Even though he's blind he still has need of independence. When Dagus finds he has a mate and that mate is a shapeshifter he's happy that he might have what his brother has. But he's not sure that Brad Nadeau will like having a blind mate.

Brad Nadeau had been told over and over by his bigoted father that gay shapeshifters have no mates and that he would always be alone. When Brad smells his mate in a small town gay bar he's astounded that gay shapeshifters do indeed have mates. Finding his mate turns Brad's world around.

Brad knows that things are going to have to change because Dagus is blind. Dagus needs stability and that can’t be found with the lifestyle Brad has been living. For the last 37 years he’s been part of a biker gang who is like family to him.

When Brad and Dagus are attacked by wolves from the local clan he finds out that there was unrest due to the influx of gay mating and other shifters allowed in the territory. Brad's gang must leave because one of their own has vanished and they must go search for him. Brad and the local alpha must come to terms with the attack and the unrest.

Can Brad and Dagus come to terms with their mating and trying to find a place for themselves within the wolf pack territory or will Brad have to face other shifters like his father?

Through Dagus' Eyes is a good continuation to the Wolves of Stone Ridge storyline, I liked this addition to the whole story arch. This is book 7 and this series should be read in order because there are characters who are from previous titles. I liked the added Polar Bear shifter into the mix of tiger, elephant, Nile monitor as well as a black panther. The storyline never gets boring because you never know what’s going to happen next. Well done Charlie Richards.

Book Blurb for Through Dagus's Eyes

Dagus Whitton is tired of being controlled. After his brother Drake moved in with his shifter mate, Dagus had felt a great sense of accomplishment from finally living on his own, especially considering his blindness. But that was before being kidnapped by scientists bent on using him as a bargaining chip against the shifters living in the area. Now he struggles being alone, but hates always having someone watching over him. He’d had his life neatly in hand and just wants to get that feeling of contentment back. Discovering a mate has its pros and cons, and Dagus isn’t certain he’s ready for more drama.

Brad Nadeau never thought he’d find a mate, since his homophobic father filled his head with the belief that Fate didn’t grant them to gay shifters. When his biker gang walks into a gay bar in Colin City for a night of fun, Brad’s world is turned upside-down. Not only does he find his mate, but he discovers that the guy is human, blind, and already knows about shifters. That should make claiming Dagus easy, right? Except accepting his mate means Brad will have to leave the only family he’s known for the last thirty-seven years, his motorcycle gang. When his leader tells him that the gang needs to move out in less than forty-eight hours to search for a missing member, Brad is faced with an important choice, and not much time to make it in. Learning that the local wolf pack is experiencing dangerous unrest due to several members not liking all the other shifter breeds in the area doesn’t make his choice any easier. Is Brad ready to face down shifters like his father to start a whole new life with a mate he isn’t certain wants his brand of care?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50