Three of A Kind

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Three of A Kind

Zane is on the run from his abusive lover when his pickup truck breaks down in the middle of Arizona. He thinks it is the end. Butch shows up to rescue Zane and he takes Zane home to doctor him. Zane just needs a bit of rest and to recover.

Butch and his partner Randy find that Zane has been treated badly and they don’t know what to do to help him. That is until the attraction that Randy feels for Zane makes Zane afraid that Butch will object and throw him out.

Can Butch and Randy convince Zane that he's wanted and needed in their household? Can Zane let go of his abusive past and let the two men teach him love?

Three of a Kind was a good book with a very good storyline. The teachings of Butch and Randy help Zane overcome his past. He learns that love can happen again and that it isn’t a painful business. Three of a Kind is a story well worth reading. It’s perfect for those who like lost puppies.

Book Blurb for Three of A Kind

Zane is about to give up by the time his truck breaks down in Arizona. All he has in the world is the truck, less than fifty bucks, and more bruises than any one young man should have to bear. That's when he meets buff giant Butch, who takes Zane in, helping him get his life back together.

Problem is, Butch already has a lover, an artist named Randy. Or at least Zane thinks it’s a problem. Turns out it's not the kind of trouble Zane thinks it is when Butch and Randy both take an interest in him. Can Zane let go of his troubled past and let Butch and Randy teach him that love doesn't have to hurt?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.50