Thin Blue

The Thin Blue Line series Book 1

"Thin Blue" is the beginning of The Thin Blue Line series by Patricia Logan. In this book you get to see old friends throughout. I liked Pope and Felix a lot. Their heat and passion made my iPad smoke. These two have a smoking hot attraction.

I felt for Pope because of the way he is treated by his department and how he knows he's in trouble. But he can't think of a way out. Luckily he meets Felix first as a hook up then as a law enforcement agent. He starts to see somethings can be different. The twists and turns of their partnership had the tension rising. Though Pope is out Felix isn't and he's afraid to come out to his family. I really like Felix and Pope because they fit together as if they were made for each other.

I look forward to "Order and Anarchy", the next book in the series. Patricia Logan hit the ball out of the court with her Death and Destruction series and this series is going to be another hit. Thank you for another good read Patricia.

Book Blurb for Thin Blue

Detective Pope Dades is a veteran police officer working in the Hollywood division, one of the busiest police precincts in the country. Dealing with drug dealers, hookers, and mentally ill suspects on a daily basis is his stock and trade. He once loved his job with the LAPD but three years ago, he put his trust in the wrong man and he’s been paying the price ever since. Refusing to work with a partner after the first one nearly killed him, Pope is jaded, still hurting, and hanging onto the career he once adored by a thread.

Homeland Security Investigator Felix Jbarra is a fresh-faced young agent with a bright future in the DHS ahead of him. Deeply closeted, Felix hides his sexual orientation from his huge Catholic family which brings him terrible guilt and grief. One night in a back-room nightclub encounter, he connects with a man who inexplicably makes him want to confess everything. Assigned to help shut down an elusive child sex trafficking ring, Felix instinctively knows he’ll need turn to the more experienced detective for help if he and his partner want to crack this case.

In the first book of the brand new Thin Blue Line series, join Felix and Pope in this exciting adventure as their worlds collide on the mean streets and in between the sheets…

Thin Blue contains a sneak peek at Order & Anarchy (The Thin Blue Line series Book 2)

** Please Note**

If you’ve read the Death and Destruction series, Lincoln Snow, McBride M. McCallahan, Jarrett Evans-Wolfe, and Thayne Evans-Wolfe also play ongoing roles in this new series. Never fear, Jarrett probably won’t be base jumping off any more buildings… probably.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.50