The Tiger King

Paladin Shifters Book 1

The Paladin Shifters series starts off with a bang with "The Tiger King". I've always liked MM shifter romances. This one is right up there at the top of my will read again pile.

The story starts off slowly, but once it gets going it's quite a ride. I was on board from the meeting of Damiano and Paget to the end that includes a bit of a twist.The chemistry between the two men is off the charts HOT. The storyline is unique and fresh. I really enjoyed it. I liked when Paget tried to deny Damiano, but the chemistry between them wouldn't let him for long. Damiano of course had his secrets for Paget to learn, and except them and Damiano. Paget had his secrets too though. "The Tiger King" is very well done on all levels. Readers will love the plotline and characters.

I like Patricia Logan's work and this NEW series just adds to my To Be Read Pile (TBRP).

I highly recommend this book for the great read it is. And I look forward to the series continuing. Thank you for another good book Patricia.

Book Blurb for The Tiger King

Damiano Satriale is hiding a deep dark secret, one that he’s had to cloak from the scent of other shifters all his life. Should anyone pick up on the vibrations of his royal bloodline, it will be the end of him. Ordered to the court of King Fain, monarch to all large cat shifters, the assignment leaves a bad taste in Dami’s mouth. The last thing he ever wanted or needed was the scrutiny that will come while serving as Paladin Primero, the king’s champion and most fearsome warrior knight. To top it all off, Dami is greeted by none other than his mate, someone he’d hoped never to meet.

Paget Jureaux, the panther who runs King Fain’s household, has been serving the monarch for nearly five years after the coup which resulted in the execution of the former king, Pasha Raab. He’s made lots of acquaintances and a few friends, but he’s never had any romantic entanglements. With no other gay cats around, there hasn’t been much chance for Paget to fall in love. When his mate arrives in the form of the king’s new paladin, he curses his fate. Not only does the man come with a vicious and cruel reputation, but a stunning face and an incredibly sexy body.

Thrown together by destiny, the two realize they must avoid each other at all costs and face the biggest challenge of their lives… trying to stay alive long enough… to walk away with broken hearts.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50