The Third Floor

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The Third Floor

When Bryson finally gets a job at Beelebub's Dungeon, a haunted house with a reputation, he's thrilled because now he can investigate the mystery of the Third floor. But getting to the third floor is not as easy as it seems. Enter Elliot, a college student. Elliot is trying to pay his way thru college. Bryson flirts with Elliot constantly but Elliot doesn't want the trouble that Bryson can bring him.

When the two men finally get to the third floor they find out the third they find some interesting things including a murderer. Can Bryson and Elliot escape with their lives or will the third floor get another victim?

The Third floor would have been a really good suspense story if the mystery had more of a presence than it did. Oh it was mentioned in passing a little bit during the first part of the story but we didn't learn the whole story till near the end. Bryson and Elliot were a humorous couple with their back and forth flirting. That helped with the build-up of their romance. I can recommend this one for that romance alone but the mystery well that lacked a little.

Book Blurb for The Third Floor

Not all things that bump in the night are bad.

Elliot had never liked scary movies, horror stories or Halloween, so he's less than pleased to find himself working in a haunted house for all of October. Not just any haunted house either, but Beelzebub's Dungeon, the biggest, cheesiest and most popular haunted attraction in Michigan. Elliot has no choice but work there, however, since he's faced with mounting college bills. Then things become all the more difficult when he's forced to deal with a new employee, Bryson. Not only is Bryson actually excited about working at Bub's
Dungeon, but he's annoyingly cute. Neither of which Elliot has the patience for the moment.

Then Bryson gets it into his adorable, blond head to solve the mystery of the Third Floor. For years, rumors have abounded about a murder that took place there ten years ago. The killer was never found and Bryson has made it his own personal mission to make sure justice is served. Despite his misgivings, Elliot finds himself drawn into Bryson's investigation and is soon neck deep in trouble. To make things even worse, Elliot's becoming attached to the cute menace. Then when the killer realizes just how close they are to discovering the truth, he strikes out at the men. Will Elliot be able to protect Bryson or will they just become another tragic tale at Beelzebub's Dungeon? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.25