The Summer Gardener

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The Summer Gardener

Alejandro Moreno is forced to drop out of college when his mother becomes sick. His dream of getting a degree in Landscaping Design takes a back seat to his responsibilities to his mother and younger brother.

He gets a summer job taking care of a garden that has fallen into disrepair and is in habited by a disagreeable Fae by the name of Fane. At first when Alejo starts getting the garden into shape he is annoyed with Fane but as the summer goes by he becomes friends with the little fairy.

The two have things in common including loneliness and a love of working with the soil. Soon though the attraction between the two lead Fane turning Alejo into a fairy during the full moon so they can be together. Can Alejo leave his world behind with all of his responsibilities and live with Fane or will he be pulled away from his love?

The Summer Gardener was little choppy in the storyline department, but for all of that it was entertaining.  If it had flowed smoother it would have been a really good read. The basis for the story was very intriguing and creative. For those who like Fairy stories, I think you will enjoy this one.

Book Blurb for The Summer Gardener

m/m, contemporary, paranormal
Page Count: 92
Alejandro Moreno drops out of college and puts aside his dream of a degree in landscape design to take care of his mother and younger brother. Then he gets the chance to restore a strange and unpopular patch of land with an uncanny inhabitant—Fane, a prickly fairy.
At first, Alejo isn’t thrilled to share the space with the annoying fae, but as they work together on the neglected garden, both men discover they have two things in common: a love for working with the natural world and loneliness. But how can Alejo handle feelings for not just another man, but one who isn’t human at all?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 3.00