The Sound of Cicadas

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The Sound of Cicadas

When Jackson Wilcox goes to his ten-year reunion he is surprised to find Kenneth Desmond there. Kenny had disappeared from school their senior year and Jackson had never gotten over his leaving. Jackson and Kenny leave together and have a hot night of sex but when Jackson wakes up Kenneth is gone without a note.
Weeks later Kenneth shows up in Jackson's fathers store and apologizes to Jackson telling him he has moved back into town. The two again have a hot night of sex at Kenny's hotel room this time and Jackson leaves.
Months go by before they again see each other. Will Jackson and Kenneth resolve their lives and learn to love or will they be forever apart.
Sound of Cicadas was an okay read and I did enjoy it. The love-scenes where hot and sexy!

Book Blurb for The Sound of Cicadas

Jackson Wilcox figures his high school reunion is a waste of time. He sees all these people every day, so it's not like he's missing anything. Then Kenny Desmond walks through those old school doors, and there's a whole lot of unfinished business to deal with.

Still haunted by a host of memories, some good, some not, Jack and Kenny are certain only that the spark between them is still there -- along with a whole lot of mistakes, not all of them in the past.

Can these two put the past behind them, and start a whole new future?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.00