The Panther's Heart

Wildcat Hills Pride Book 1

“The Panther's Heart” starts out a new series by Liza Kay. This first book in the Wild Hills Pride series is well worth the read. Liza Kay is a new author for me and I enjoyed this book a lot. After this taste I’m hoping to read more of her stories.

I empathized with both characters in this book. They both kept my interest throughout the story and I rooted for Thony and Alan to make their mating work out.

The tortured hero is always a good main character trop. With this trop you get to see one of the characters go out of their way to connect with the other. That person will try everything to get the others attention. That is until the end when they work out their problems and get the HEA they deserve.

All the characters in “The Panther's Heart” had my interest and I hope to pick up the next book in the series.

I encourage others to read this story.

Book Blurb for The Panther's Heart

Persian cat shifter Thony Cavanaugh has been in love with his best friend, Alan Abramowitz, for three years. Although Thony and Alan are fated mates, only Thony seems to feel the bond between them. Afraid of getting rejected by the strong beta, Thony doesn’t have the guts to confront Alan with his feelings. But everyone has a breaking point.

Alan reached that point sixteen years earlier, when he met his mate, the biker Jon, only to lose him to a terrible accident. Jon’s death almost killed Alan, and it left his heart battered and bruised. Oblivious to the connection he shares with Thony, and suppressing his feelings for the Persian cat to keep his heart intact, Alan spends his life working as beta and accountant for Alpha Xander. After all, shifters don’t get a second chance. Or so he thinks.

Then a fight between the two friends gets out of hand. Thony pushes Alan away, demanding they take a break from each other. And suddenly, Alan realizes that losing Thony could break his heart for good.

If you like fickle cats and enjoy stubborn men who have to fight for their happiness, don’t miss this shifter romance!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00