The Officer and the Gentleman

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The Officer and the Gentleman

Gay/ Historical

When young Scotsman Robert Alexander MacDonald comes to London for a bit of play and adventure he doesn't expect to meet dashing cavalryman Captain Charles Wentworth at a social gathering. When their eyes meet over the head of Charles' sister Emily he can't believe his eyes. He is seeing the most appealing man he's ever seen. Robert and Charles find they have a lot in common and spend as much time together as they can in the two weeks of Charles leave.
When Charles is called to duty he doesn't want to leave Robert but he has to since the war in Turkey is his where he must go.
When Robert and Emily hear of Charles being injured possibly dead Robert rushes to Turkey to find him, hopefully alive. When Robert does find Charles he’s appalled at the condition he's in and with the doctors consent takes him back to England. He brings Charles back to England. Emily and Lady Haddon are informed that Charles has sustained a head injury and that he’s going to be taken to his home to Cornwall.  Robert hopes that the familiar surrounding and people will bring Charles back him.
Will Robert’s efforts work or will Charles waste away and leave Robert alone and heartbroken.
The Officer and The Gentleman has wonderful sex scenes filled with humor and novelty. It’s well written and the super hot and sexy sex will have you feeling flushed.

Book Blurb for The Officer and the Gentleman

A young Scotsman and a Cavalry Officer embark on a forbidden love affair as the winds of war threaten to tear them apart.

When Robert Alexander Macdonald locks eyes with Captain Charles Wentworth at a social gathering in London, it's not long before they are also locking lips and engaging in a covert love affair. After an idyllic time spent together in a cottage on the windswept cliffs of Cornwall Charles receives orders to report for combat duty.

Britain and France are at war with Russia, and Charles, an Officer with the 11th Hussars finds himself part of the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade, a military disaster that outraged the British population.

Robert, on hearing that Charles is missing, goes in search of him, but finds only the shell of the man he loves, a man damaged in body and mind, with no memory of his family or loved ones. Faced with the possibility of Charles never again knowing what he and Robert meant to one another, Robert decides to dedicate himself to Charles' full recovery.

Going against all medical advice, Robert removes Charles from the hospital and takes him back to Cornwall in the hope that the familiar surroundings of his old home will bring back some latent memory to his lover's mind. A hope, that as time goes by, becomes less and less of a possiblity.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00