The Long Hood of the Law

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The Long Hood of the Law

When Casey and Bruce are assigned to investigate a pedophile ring of high schools boys, things go from bad to worse. After the 8th murdered boy is found Casey is sent undercover as an athlete for Jadebrook high school.

Casey with Bruce quickly uncover all of the players in the ring and ringleader as well.

But can Casey and Bruce be in time to save the boys who are still being held captive? Or will there be more bodies?

Long Hood of the Law is an interesting read, but a bit fast. There was a lot of information dropped quickly. It is the second book in a series and I encourage you to read them in order.

Book Blurb for The Long Hood of the Law

Good must do whatever it takes

Casey and Bruce are assigned to investigate a paedophile ring in operation around Jadebrook. The victims are young, athletic teenage boys. Not only are these young men being photographed for the rings’ disturbed enjoyment, they are then murdered, their bodies dumped in the forest.

The paedophile ring must be stopped at all costs.

It’s up to Casey to find the leaders of the ring and all who they associate with before they strike for the eighth time. A major undertaking for all concerned, especially for Casey. He’s volunteered to go undercover, pose as a high school football jock. Thankfully, he’ll be backed up by the only man he trusts, his work partner Bruce.

But will that be enough?

Can Casey pull off his first undercover operation and stop the ring from grooming their next target? Or will he become a victim himself?  

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50