The Key to Happiness

Tina Kay’s The Key to Happiness was a little disappointing and I unfortunately couldn’t get into this book because of the following reasons. I felt that the story was flat with not enough romance, and there just wasn’t enough heat to pull me into the story. While reading, I felt like I only had a sense of what the plot could have developed into, had it gone into another direction from the start of the book. As I read through it, I was waiting to see if the story got better, and I continued reading all the way to the end, still waiting, but it sadly didn’t develop into what I was expecting.

The story involved Secret Santa’s, lost journals, and mystery over the holiday season. I did not like this story and I do not recommend this book.

Book Blurb for The Key to Happiness

When gifts mysteriously appear on his doorstep, Ben is intrigued despite his dislike of the holidays. Their trail leads him to John--an odd yet sexy man, who brings more to Ben’s life than he ever dared imagine.

Ben has a best friend, a cranky cat, and a job he enjoys. He is satisfied with life, or so he tells himself. But John disrupts everything Ben thought he knew, taking him on an emotional adventure that stirs up his past and challenges everything he planned for his future.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 2.50