The Fifth House

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The Fifth House

Dyas is being sent to the seaward islands to set up a Fifth House for the Lady's Consorts. The customs and traditions are different from what he's used to. He doesn't expect to find love or comfort in the islands.
Will Dyas find the love of his life or will he loose himself in the culture shock?
The Fifth House just didn’t fully come together. It was a hard to read and the love story lacked overall.

Book Blurb for The Fifth House

First in the Water Lovers of the Islands trilogy, the follow-up series to the bestselling The Water Lovers of Sirilon!

For years Dyas has been unlucky in love. So when the brilliant yet outspoken servant of the Lady of the Waters is sent to the Seaward Islands to establish a new house for the LadyÆs sacred consorts, love is the last thing he expects or wants to find. Will Dyas survive the culture shock and finally find the man of his dreams among the islanders?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 2.00