The Encounter

The Agency, #1

“The Encounter” was missing something important in a romance. There wasn't much chemistry between Evan "Zen" Zenas and Seth Trivos. Because of that I had a lot of trouble getting into the book and finishing it. I did finish it just to see where it went. Overall, it could have flowed better and been a more intense relationship.

Book Blurb for The Encounter

Evan ‘Zen’ Zenas is the top agent at The Agency and is known for his brusque demeanor. He’s also known to be tough on trainees. Those who find themselves under his tutelage usually don’t last long. When he’s assigned a new assistant, Seth Trivos, Zen’s faced with questions about his past he’s not too keen on answering.

Seth Trivos knew Evan once upon a time, loved him even, but when Evan disappeared, he unknowingly broke Seth’s heart. Now, he’s in Evan’s world as the newest recruit at The Agency, and he’s looking for answers.

Will Zen chase away another new assistant because he doesn’t want to open up about a past encounter or will being forced on a case together make him face the demons he’s been trying to hide from?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 2.50