The Cadet's Officer

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The Cadet's Officer

Cadet Adam Wilkinson has been exploring the galaxy. He never thought he would find love out there. He has been very lonely and sees his friends finding love…but he can’t see past his commanding officer Evan Clear. Evan is second in charge.

When Adam calls attention to himself during a command tour, Evan Cleary defends him to their commanding officer.  Is this though the attention that Adam wants from Evan or will he get his wish and have Evan see him as an equal in love?

The Cadet's Officer was an interesting storyline that could have been more detailed and smoother. It was a little fast paced from the acknowledgment of attraction to the actual love scenes. I would have enjoyed getting to know more about the characters and the time leading up to consummation. The concepts worked…just more layering and back-story would make it well rounded.

Book Blurb for The Cadet's Officer

Genre: Gay, Romance, Sci-Fi, m/m, Fantasy Game short story
Flame Rating: 3 Flames
Pages: 159
Some dreams can come true, but you have to reach out for them.
Living on an exploration spaceship light years away from any civilization can get real lonely, even though there are thousands on board with you. Adam Wilkinson dreams of being with another man, and secretly he has a crush on the second in charge, Evan Cleary. But will the hunky, hard as nails officer want to be with Adam? Or more to the point, does the dreamy, absolutely perfect man even know Adam exists?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 3.00