Teddy's Bear

Team Paladin Book 4

Keely Jakes hits another good story with “Teddy's Bear”. I enjoyed the story line a lot with Teddy learning who he truly was and coming into his own and that Dallas was his mate. The love and attraction between Teddy and Dallas was well worth the read of this installment of Team Paladins finding their soulmates. I look forward to the next book with Roane's Story. I gladly recommend this for the good read it is.

Book Blurb for Teddy's Bear

Teddy’s in shock after being kidnapped. Even more so when the shifter side that's been dormant his entire life comes to life. At least his attraction to Dallas now makes perfect sense.

Dallas knows immediately that Teddy is his mate, but he doesn't push himself on the other man. Being a soldier who barely finished high school, he doesn't think he’s much of a catch, but he's the only one who can teach Teddy how to deal with his shifter side. A side Teddy never knew he had. But Teddy's also determined to return to his life in Chicago.

Can Teddy get a handle on being a shifter? Will Dallas and his bear be able to live in Chicago? Will Teddy change his mind about returning to Paladin?

Be Warned: glbt, m/m sex, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00