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Tech Support

Working Man Collection

Noah who is working in Tech Support gets a frantic phone call from his friend Becky who works in Development. A new guy is driving her nuts with questions and needs help with his computer. She wants to transfer his calls to Noah so Noah can help him. When Noah hears Jared's voice though his libido sits up and takes notice.
Jared is grateful when Noah in tech support is able to help him out, though it takes a few days for his computer to get it right. When Jared and Noah finally meet the sparks fly and the attraction is hot and lustful.
What happens at the end of the shift? Will the sparks catch fire and burn bright?
I liked reading this book and several others by J.M. Snyder. The Working Man series is very enjoyable. My only wish is that the stories were longer, as I always get just a taste and I’m craving more. I do wish these stories went further. The beginnings are great but what is the ending?

Book Blurb for Tech Support

Noah works in tech support at a software firm.  He gets a frantic call from Becky, the receptionist in Development, asking him to assist a new employee tackle his network problems.  Jared is haven’t a bad first day at work, and sounds unbearably cute over the phone, but Noah’s been disappointed before.
To get away from the phones, he takes smoke breaks with his buddy Joel, Becky’s boyfriend.  When Noah sees a cute new employee, Joel’s only too happy to help them hook up.  Still, Noah doesn’t want to write Jared out of the picture completely …

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.00