Taste Test: Archangels Unleashed

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Taste Test: Archangels Unleashed

Taste Test: Archangels Unleashed is a set of three stories.
In Earth Angel Archangel Gabriel is sent to earth to try and find a redeemable man before Gabriel unleashes the Horsemen on earth, but when he rescues Tommy from drowning he falls hard in love with him and Tommy feels the same. Will Gabriel find that the love he feels is a quality for redemption of Earth?
In Healing Hands Archangel Raphael is sent to Earth to save Michael's descendant. He must keep Hell from bringing about the destruction of Earth. Pistol a bull rider has been hurt so bad that he no longer believes in love or heart. Will Raphael teach Pistol about love and heart or will Hell win and destroy Earth?
In Dominion Quod Obsequium Archangel Michael is told by God that he has been to rigid in his ways and to hard on himself. He is to self-controlling so Michael must go to Earth and learn to give over his control and himself to another for 40 days. Will Michael be able to give over his control or will he fail in his quest?

Taste Test: Archangels Unleashed was a good set of stories although I'm not much into the last story with the BDSM in it but the others where good and the strong sexual heat was very hot to read.

Book Blurb for Taste Test: Archangels Unleashed

If you love your angels and demons sexy and powerful, then Kiernan Kelly's single author Taste Test is the book for you! In Earthbound, Archangel Gabriel comes to earth to see if there's anything worth saving before he signals for the Apocalypse. While staying with friends Malak and Cael, Gabriel rescues a young man intent on drowning himself in the sea. The attraction between Gabriel and Tommy is immediate, and before long, Gabriel finds a good bit to deem the earth worthy of survival.

In Healing Hands, Archangel Raphael is sent to protect a bullrider named Pistol, who bears a secret that could kill him. With a demon on their heels, hell-bent on Pistol's destruction, Raphael and Pistol race through the countryside, one step ahead of death itself. Finally, in Dominion Quod Obsequium, Archangel Michael is jaded. He needs challenge; as a warrior, he craves it. So when God sends him to earth on a mission to find someone who can indeed challenge him, Michael reluctantly goes. What he finds is not what he ever imagined, but it's something that changes him forever.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.25