Super For You, Bad For Me

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Super For You, Bad For Me

"Super For You, Bad For Me" is a pretty good m/m romance novel. It was a bit slow going into the romance between Oswell and Kane and I felt there wasn't really enough interaction between the two men, though the attraction between them was pretty intense. Although I did like the story line, it could have been a lot faster paced and Oswell could have been a little less meek and mild. Sometimes you just need to be bold. I'm hoping Asta Idonea writes more about Oswell... maybe learning more of himself and his powers. Plus I would love to see more of his romance with Kane. This romance author is a new author for me and I hope to read more from her. I hope you also read this book and others of hers.

Book Blurb for Super For You, Bad For Me

Life—and love—doesn’t follow a script.

Struggling actor Oswell Outterridge thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he’s chosen to play a scene opposite his idol, Kane Teague, in a superhero movie. However, things take an unexpected turn when the slime he accidentally ingests gives him telekinetic powers. Then Kane asks him out, against all expectation, and it seems that life couldn’t get any better—aside from the little matter of keeping his identity secret from his celebrity boyfriend.

Oswell goes from a nobody with little social life and few prospects for the future to dating the man of his dreams and using his superhuman abilities to defend innocents. Everything is perfect, and it seems he’s finally achieved a happily ever after worthy of the silver screen. But when a supervillain arrives, determined to defeat Oswell and win Kane’s affections, everything falls apart. In the ensuing conflict, Kane gets caught in the crossfire, and Oswell faces his toughest fight yet. Can he remain the hero he’s always imagined himself, or will a dark desire for vengeance change him forever?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 3.50