Sugar-free Beta

Wolves of New Haven, #1

Derrick Starr has always seen himself as a weaker wolf being too short and kind of overweight. He now finds out he has type 2 diabetes and he feels even worse. Then he meets his mate in Jack.

The story really gets moving. They have a bit of a rocky start and it’s stressful. But the two men come together and form a bond. They bond serves them well with all the outside distractions. Those distractions did add to the storyline. Overall the story is short and good. This is the first in the Wolves of New Haven series and I’m looking forward to more stories in this series.

Book Blurb for Sugar-free Beta

Derrick Starr is a sad excuse for a dominant werewolf. Unlike most werewolves, he’s sworn off meat and has an abnormal preference for sweets. He’s also in a bad state—his lover left him and he’s just learned that he has type 2 diabetes. An unexpected act of kindness triggers his meeting with Jack, a submissive wolf on the run from his abusive Alpha.

When Derrick finds out that Jack is his fated mate, will he be able to do what it takes to protect and claim what’s rightfully his?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.50