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Phoenix Rising book 3

Tortured by a tragic past Fortitude McLaren resigned his commission as a mercenary and became a roustabout for the Ten Nations Fair, he thought to be invisible and remain alone. Griffyd Ringman though had other ideas for he was attracted to Fort. Fort though was raised as a Straight Churcher and Man Love was considered vile and crooked, Fort though was also attracted to Griff, and he tried to run from it. Will Griff overcome Fort's reticence for Love or will he be alone forever.

I enjoyed Strongman a lot and will read it again. Denise Rossetti has done a wonderful job with her storylines and I hope to see more of this quality in the future.

Book Blurb for Strongman

Book 3 in the Phoenix Rising series.

A hard-bitten mercenary who's had a gutful of mud and blood and death, Fortitude McLaren joins the Ten Nations Fair as a roustabout. Tough, cold and competent, he's shocked and angered by his hunger for Griff, a circus acrobat. Brought up in the bigoted society of the Straight Church, Fort regards manlove with casual contempt. Not for him. Never for him.

Athletic, cocky and single-minded about what he wants, Griff sets about getting it. Fort fights with everything in him, but Griff affects him like no one else. It's not just his strong, supple body. Fort is irresistibly drawn by the friendship the other man offers so freely.

Fort may have found a friend, but the cruel memories of his childhood are the greatest enemy of all. When a job for Jan the Aetherii puts Griff in danger, Fort discovers what's really at risk — everything he is and everything he's ever believed in. To save Griff's life and preserve his own sanity, Fort must not only fight the battle in his soul, he must win it.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00