Storm's Eye

For me Dean Gray’s Storm's Eye was a little slow going to start. But I was intrigued with what was happening. The overall plot line made up for the slow start and by the end this was wholly in my recommend pile.

I really liked Jordan a lot. When Zane came along Jordan was still at the point in his life where he needed someone to look after. When the strange things started happening, I was thinking Uh OH.

The flashbacks did give me a clue to how the story was going to wrap up.

I gladly recommend this one for the Oh Hell read it is.

Book Blurb for Storm's Eye

In spite of all the bad memories and fears, Jordan had dutifully returned home to Mt. Desert Island, Maine to look after his ailing mother. Now, financially devastated by her care and emotionally exhausted by her death, Jordan tries to pick up the pieces of his life and rebuild his floundering career as an illustrator. While working on a new commission, he finds a man unconscious at the local lighthouse. When the man regains consciousness, he has no memory.

The only clue to his identity is a limited edition hardcover copy of Storm’s Eye, a mystery novel by Jordan’s favorite author and client. Inside is a scrawled dedication, ‘To Zane’. What is this man’s story? And why, since meeting him, has Jordan’s life strangely paralleled the plot of the book that he carried? Will Jordan weather the harrowing trials of ‘Storm’s Eye’? Or will he become a casualty of the mysterious stranger to whom he opened his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00