Starcrossed 2 1/2: Sangria and Seraphim

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Starcrossed 2 1/2: Sangria and Seraphim

Gay: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal - Heat Level: eXcess 4

When Ariel an Angel of Protection goes looking for the dark side he finds Jace. Jace and his brother Konnor are the owners of Tailz a bar that caters to the paranormal side of life. Ariel is looking for Jace who has a reputation for loving angels and the experience for pleasuring them.
Jace sees Ariel as an angel in need of help though Ariel doesn't know he is getting two for the pleasure of one.
Will Jace and Konnor break Ariel or will they take and gentle him to the dark side?
Starcrossed 2 1/2 Sangria and Seraphim is a fascinating and scintillating story and I hope to see a sequel for what are the two brothers going to do with Ariel after his downfall? I liked the way Starcrossed 2 1/2: Sangria and Seraphim was written and the love scene well lets just say WOW!!!

Book Blurb for Starcrossed 2 1/2: Sangria and Seraphim

Identical twin demons Jace and Konnor Barton run Tailz, a supernatural-friendly bar in Salem, Massachusetts. The sort of place where things are never dull, on the weekend of a full moon things can get even more interesting. When Jace encounters an angel in distress, he can hardly resist the urge to offer his own special brand of help.

Ariel is an angel with an itch to experience the darker side of earthly life, and he has heard through the grapevine that Jace is the demon for the job. Much to his surprise, Ariel finds out he will be getting both brothers coming to his aid for the price of one.

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Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex and consensual incestuous sex between non-human twin brothers.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.50