Soul Searchers

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Soul Searchers

When Timber's father caught him and Micah in bed he had his men take Micah out to kill him but Timber was able to save him.  That night though they were bitten by a werewolf and later turned into wolves themselves.

Years later Timber and Micah have found a home and built a clan of their own in the Colorado mountains safe from the outer world until another Clan across the mountain and valley from them threatens everything they have built over the years. This other clan alpha'd by Jack threatens to kill everyone of Timbers clan if they won't leave.

Can Timber save his clan and find out why now this other clan wants them gone or will they have to move again to save their lives?

Soul Searchers was a good book and those who like ShapeShifter love stories will enjoy this one a lot. The love scenes between Timber and Micah were sexy and well worth reading. I would recommend this book to those who like the Shapeshifter world of love stories.

Book Blurb for Soul Searchers

Turned into werewolves hundreds of years ago, Timber and his lover, Micah, have finally found peace high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Their clan is made up of werewolves from every walk of life and every sexual orientation.
Far across the valley is another clan, and their leader, Jack, isn't happy about the abomination going on in Timber's neck of the woods.
When Jack declares war, Timber attempts to reason with him and find a peaceful solution. The reasons behind Jack's hatred aren’t clear, and Timber tries to learn his secret, but how many will die before he does so?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.25