Soul Familiar (Collection)

Soul Familiar #4

The Soul Familiar Collection has a unique story, I enjoyed it fairly well. The story flowed pretty good. It was a little long in the romance department, but it was well done otherwise. The heat and tension between Alex Layton and Tyler Montgomery made for a passionate love story. And the ending was well worth the read. The action in between the beginning and the ending kept the story flowing.


When Tyler Montgomery read the spell out of the book he had found in the library he didn't expect it to work. But Alex Layton appears and convinces Tyler that he is a Witch. He shows that he can do magic and the Alex is his Soul Familiar. Soon Tyler begins to believe in Magic. These two have to battle to stay together. Will Alex and Tyler succeed or will both men forget they ever had the love they have?

Book Blurb for Soul Familiar (Collection)

My name is Alex Layton and I'm a soul familiar. What's a soul familiar? Witches and wizards use familiars to enhance their powers. Soul familiars become not only partners with their chosen mates -- we bond with our partners, heart, body, mind, and soul.

I've found my soul mate, but to keep him, we face a challenge. Magical combat designed to test our bond and its strength. If we pass, we live happily ever after. If we lose... let's just say I refuse to lose. All we have to deal with is the powerful and practiced duo consisting of a fellow soul familiar and his mate who are gunning for us, and one accident of nature whose erratic powers are making our spells produce daffodils instead of dragons.

Tyler Montgomery and I have run out of time. If we win, our bond becomes permanent. If we lose, we are separated forever. With options like those, fate had better watch her ass.

The Soul Familiar collection contains the previously published novellas Lucky Dog, Unpredictable, and Fated.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50