Solar Wind

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Solar Wind

Solar Wind = Book 2 ... Book 1 = Banner's Bonus

When Zeke Slater finds Kira Delaney stowed away on his ship he remembers her. She was present at the death of a friend. Zeke doesn't trust her even when she tries to tell him she didn't stow away on his ship of her own free will. Zeke can't afford to trust anyone but his crew with his secret of being a privateer and with Kira on his ship it makes it harder for him to do his job. But when he tries to put her off at a spaceport she is attacked and he is injured protecting her.

Kira Delaney is shocked when she finds herself on Zeke's ship. A man on a cycle was pursuing her while she was trying to help a group of renegade slaves escape.

Neither She nor Zeke figure out that they are working on the same problem but from different ends until Zeke is forced to protect Kira again and they find themselves bonded in Marriage.

An old menace from the past is zeroing in on Zeke and it puts Kira in Danger. Will the past endanger their lives or will their love win against the past?

I enjoyed Solar Wind a lot it was very much in keeping with Carole Ann Lee's prior futuristic work starting with Banner's Bonus. I hope to read more of her work soon.

Book Blurb for Solar Wind

Zeke Slater leads a double life. Outwardly he's a cargo pilot. In reality he's a privateer waging war on pirates menacing the trade routes. His ship, Solar Wind, appears harmless, yet beneath the disguise is an advanced war ship. Having once been sold into slavery, Kira Delaney has aligned herself with a band of renegades to help other escaped slaves. Now with trouble on her heels, she stows aboard Slater's ship.

Neither Zeke nor Kira realize their parallel missions. Slater is determined to send her home, but when they land, he is unexpectedly challenged to fight for Kira's freedom. Slater wins, only to discover they are now legally bonded.

Kira sees this farce of a marriage as another form of ownership. Unlike slavery, however, love doesn't own or possess. It sets you free.

To Slater, love is a weakness, the lack of which makes him so successful and dangerous at what he does. The lesson he must come to terms with is that Love is a strength. Not a weakness.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00