Signed and Sealed

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Signed and Sealed

William Drakes is living a quiet and lonely life in Michigan with a dog in a house near Lake Superior. His life is turned upside down when a frantic call from the sister he hasn't heard from in years calls pleading for his help. William travels to Montana to try and get his sister out of the trouble she is in. William is taken aback when he arrives at the ranch of Elijah Hunter to find his sister gone and himself ransomed for her return

From the beginning Elijah's attracted to William is an unwanted attraction. That is until he gets to know William better and that William is attracted to him also. He tries to convince William that he isn't all that bad and that he wants him for himself and not as a hostage.

Can William find it in himself to trust Elijah before an old flame of Elijah's tries to separate them for good?

Signed and Sealed was a well written story that I enjoyed a lot. I will gladly read it again for the solid storyline. The sex just added spice to the storyline. It made the ups and downs of the trust issue more on the frontline of the story. I gladly recommend this one for the good read it is.

Book Blurb for Signed and Sealed

William Drake's living an ordinary life-he's got a job, a dog, and a house near Lake Superior-when a frantic call for help from his ne'er-do-well sister, Katrina, throws a big rancher-shaped kink in the works. Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, Will's arrival at the Montana ranch belonging to Katrina's fiance, Martin, is marked by a flat tire and unexpected help from a tall, dark, and handsome Good Samaritan who turns out to be Elijah Hunter, Martin's brother, and the most unsettling man Will has ever met.

Eli's fury over Katrina's misdeeds boils over onto Will, and he demands that Will remain on the ranch until the matter is resolved. While Will can take Katrina's place, he doesn't make it easy, testing Will at every turn, but Will's uncompromising morals exceed even Eli's exacting standards. The attraction growing between them is further complicated by Eli's ultimatum: he's still holding Katrina to the pre-nup she signed... unless Will agrees to marry Eli instead.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.00