Second Chances

Book 28 in the Cattle Valley Series

Second Chances is a good addition to the Cattle Valley series. I enjoyed reading it. The tension, hostility and attraction between Drake and Oggie just makes for a fairly good read all in of itself. The storyline was well done and I had trouble putting it down until I was done reading.

Robert "Oggie" Ogden an ex-police officer from Chicago came to Cattle Valley after his career was ended by a shotgun blast. He is looking for a second chance for himself and for teens in trouble. Oggie is helping to set up a ranch getaway for teens who need somewhere to go while trying to get their lives together.

Oggie keeps running into Drake Smith. He is attracted to the man but doesn't want the pity he thinks he sees in Drake's eyes. Drake and Oggie keep getting together during the construction of the dorm at the ranch. They finally give into their lust for each other. But when feelings get deeper will Oggie cut and run or will he stay and fight for what he wants…that being Drake and love?

Book Blurb for Second Chances

With the new dormitory on the Second Chance Ranch nearing completion, Drake Smith butts heads once again with ranch owner, Robert "Oggie" Ogden.

After a shotgun blast ends his career, ex-Chicago Police Officer, Robert "Oggie" Ogden, cashed in and headed for a new life in Cattle Valley. In search of a second chance, the last thing he wanted was pity, especially when it stared back at him through whisky-coloured eyes.

Drake Smith learned at an early age to carry a bigger stick than the bullies who tormented him, and although he’s grown into a highly skilled fighter, he still guards himself against those with the potential to hurt him. Compassion doesn’t come easily to Drake, so when he reaches out to help Oggie, he finds his surprising efforts rebuffed, making him angry at himself and the object of his unwanted affections.

When a showdown between them turns into a heated sexual encounter, Drake wonders if he’ll ever feel safe again.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50