Sea Change

Zephyr Ranch

Sea Change is an adventurous read and good from the start to finish. I did feel though that Grants attitude was a little harsh for both men to be really happy. The attraction and then the love between Ben and Grant, plus the adventure of them finding out who and what they were, made for a good read. Overall I really enjoyed Sea Change. I’m recommending it to readers who enjoy m/m erotic paranormals.

When Ben and Grant's date ends up with both men naked and in bed they soon find that things are more than they seem. Then Ben starts seeing Fairies and other fae creature's and Grant turns into a water dragon. Both men need help in understanding what has happened and what they are… now as soulmates. With the danger of another supernatural named Cyril threatening them fan Ben and Grant give up each other for things to go back to normal? Will they fight for each other and live happily Ever After?

Book Blurb for Sea Change

Ben and Grant’s first date starts on the dance floor and ends up in the bedroom. The sex is fantastic, but then things get weird: Ben starts seeing fairies in the backyard, Grant turns into a sea monster, and a visitor pops in to inform them that they’re now supernaturally bound together--in other words, soul mates.

Ben’s inexperience and Grant’s history of casual flings leave them equally unprepared for a committed relationship. Grant tries to protect Ben from aggressive supernatural creatures, but Grant’s water-dragon form is helpless on dry land. The supernatural isn't just pixies and hobgoblins, either. A nasty piece of work named Cyril wants Grant on his side in a coming supernatural battle. To Cyril, Ben is only a complication.

Their lives will go back to normal if they no longer care for each other, and Grant begins to wonder if leaving Ben is the only way to keep him safe. But the love growing between them is real, and both men have to be prepared to fight for it--and each other.

Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 3.50