Scandal Fever

Scandal Fever has a fairly good storyline concept, but the writing is a bit stilted. The attraction between the two men was passionate and having the men hide everything made for a tense read. The murder mystery was pretty good. I recommend Scandal Fever to suspense readers as it was a good thrill ride till the end.

Gavin Cox’s friend and fellow cast mate has been murdered at a club Gavin passed out at the previous night. Gavin is not sure what happened, he can’t remember. He just has some flashbacks of blood. When questioned by the police about the murder Gavin cannot give them a straight answer. Rob Turner, a newly appointed detective, believes Gavin but his partner doesn't. Rob feels an intense attraction to Gavin, but he knows he can't do anything about it because Gavin is a suspect.

Gavin’s house is broken into and Rob wants to protect Gavin because he feels something for him. The sergeant decides to put Gavin into protective custody in pretense of getting the truth out of him. Rob is the one who spends the most time with Gavin. Will Gavin and Rob be able to trust one another enough find the killer or will Rob loose Gavin and himself as well?

Book Blurb for Scandal Fever

Flamboyant reality TV star Gavin Cox has a reputation for partying, dirty dancing, and taking hot men into his bed. But his inability to remember what happened the night his cast mate was murdered, combined with a terrifying home invasion, yanks him off the party circuit and brings him firmly under the protective custody of detective Rob Turner.

Keeping Gavin under police protection may be nothing but a ruse cooked up by Rob's sergeant to placate the media and the Chief of Police, but Rob takes his duties seriously. He needs to learn whether Gavin is a suspect, a victim, or a witness. Yet the only way to get those answers is to get extremely close to a man who tests every one of Rob's boundaries, and makes him want to give in to the desires he's been hiding his whole life.

As their forced proximity brings the passion simmering between them to a boiling point, the risk of scandal threatens Rob's job, his family, and his way of life. But it's Gavin's life who might end too soon...because to keep Gavin from remembering what he saw, a murderer is determined to silence him forever.

Publisher's Note:This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, violence.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.00