Say to Me Where The Flowers Are

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Say to Me Where The Flowers Are

Marika working in the Die Comedies Des Lebens sings each night stirring the audience to tears with her songs. Heinrich a young German soldier comes each night to hear her sing.
Marika hides a dangerous secret each night He lives in fear of being found out by the Reich.
When Heinrich rescues Marika and learns his secret he couldn't be more delighted, and the two make plans to leave Germany.
The danger though is all around them will they make it to safety or will the war tear them apart?
I liked the story but the ending really was a twist.

Book Blurb for Say to Me Where The Flowers Are

World War II draws to a close. Hope and happiness are scarce on the streets of Berlin but step inside one of the city's celebrated cabaret nightclubs and one can escape the ugliness of war, if only for a few hours. Heinrich, a young German officer visits “Die Comedie des Lebens”, one of the most popular, each night for a chance to see Marika, whose music and heart he immediately falls for. Heinrich is a dream come true for the vocalist, but Marika keeps a dangerous secret and as the love between the two blossom, Marika worries that the secret may tear them apart. Torn between two lives, Marika must make a decision before it's too late.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.25