Saved by Love's Blood

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Saved by Love's Blood

When Pureblood vampires capture the warlock Ethen he's tortured and is close to dying when rescued by Zeke and the clan of Drone vampires he's been working with. To save his life though he is turned into a vampire.

Years before Zeke had been captured and betrayed by a dark witch. He wanted nothing to do with magics after that until his instant attraction to Ethan a warlock. But he keeps pushing Ethan away though until death almost separates them.  He knows he has a lot to make up to Ethan for and hopes that he has time now.

When Ethan awakens a vampire he doesn't want to continue because not only has he lost his magic but he thinks that Zeke doesn't want him. Can the two men overcome their differences and pasts to be together or will their past drive them apart?

Though Saved by Love's Blood can stand alone its part of the Drone Vampire series and has a lot of the people from previous books in this one. I did enjoy this title, though the blame and guilt that the main characters felt was a little bit too much at times. Both Ethan and Zeke had a lot to learn about each other and their growing attraction. It was worth reading though and made me want to find the other books to learn the stories of the other characters. The sexy love scenes between Ethan and Zeke were well written and hot. I’m recommending this to anyone who likes m/m vampire romances and suggest picking up the other Drone books for a complete series.

Book Blurb for Saved by Love's Blood

Genre: Vampire, M/M, Paranormal, Romance, Gay

Pages: 170

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

Would you be able to sacrifice everything for the one you love?

Born a warlock, the one thing Ethan had been taught all his life was to hate vampires. For centuries, a bitter war existed between the two societies, but with new enemies threatening both sides, an uneasy alliance has been formed. Ethan finds himself having to embrace, not only his half-vampire brother, but a whole vampire clan in order to protect his coven. Against his will, he finds himself drawn to one vampire in particular--a dark, handsome soldier named Zeke.

Betrayed and almost murdered by a witch years before, the last thing Zeke wants is to have anything to do with the magical world. Yet, he cannot deny his growing attraction to the annoying, yet sexy Ethan. Determined to have nothing to do with him, he pushes Ethan away.

Then one unforgivable act on Zeke's part leaves Ethan vulnerable and the warlock is captured by their enemies. Zeke vows will he get Ethan back at any cost. Little does he realize that the price will be greater than either one of them ever realized and that Ethan will lose all he's ever held dear in the process. Will their love be enough to overcome it or will Ethan give into the darkness and became that which he has vowed to fight?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.75