Ruthless Pursuit

Lost Shifter 6

For years Mitchell had been looking for his lost brothers and now the last one has been located. Vapor, a Panther shifter, is sent to retrieve Andrew the last of the brothers. But for Vapor it’s not as easy as it seems, Andrew has eluded Vapor and destroyed his favorite car. Plus he has shot him with his own gun and left him chained to a fence after the hottest sex that Vapor has ever had.

When Andrew can't shake Vapor from his thoughts he knows that he has to save Vapor. When Edward sends Shane to kill Vapor, Andrew and Vapor escape the ambush with Owen another lost shifter. Vapor takes Andrew to Mitchell to reunite the family.

Can Andrew give up his ways to be with Vapor and the rest of his family or will he believe the lies Edward has told him all his life?

Ruthless Pursuit is another hit in the Lost Shifter stories. I'm glad that Mitchell has finally found all of his brothers at last. The hot attraction between Vapor and Andrew makes for a very steamy read that will fog up the windows. There was a lot of humor in the storyline and that really added to the stories overall flavor. The passionate attraction between the two men added to the tension and humor of the story. All these elements make Ruthless Pursuit a wonderful reading. I will re-read this book and the other ones from the series again and again.

Book Blurb for Ruthless Pursuit

Hell hath no fury like a pissed of panther shifter.

For Panther shifter Vapor, nothing is more important to him than his feline coalition. A true soldier, he has never let them or his leader, Mitchell, down. So when he's given his latest assignment, he doesn't think twice before accepting it, even if it is to track down Mitchell's youngest brother, Andrew, and bring him in. This isn't going to be a regular rescue mission, however, since Andrew is a wanted fugitive and Vapor will be taking him back to face charges for crimes against the coalition. Still, Andrew is young and inexperienced so Vapor knows the mission will be a snap--or at least he does until Andrew shows him otherwise.

Before he knows it, Vapor has been shot with his own gun, arrested by the human police and his favorite car is blown up. Andrew is behind every humiliating incident, too. Things climb to a whole new level of embarrassing when Andrew seduces Vapor, then leaves him naked and handcuffed to a fence. Vapor vows that he will track down the brat and make him pay, not just for his prior criminal activity, but for each degrading encounter they've experienced. As Vapor gets closer and closer to capturing his prey, he finds himself falling for Andrew. Then when Andrew runs to him, instead of away, Vapor finds he has to make the hardest choice of his life--his coalition or the man he loves. 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00