Running the Nullarbor

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Running the Nullarbor

The Setting: Australia during a time of war that nobody will call a war.
Dan is injured in the line of duty and no longer able to fight. He runs a Red Cross station taking in children until the Red Cross can find them placement. When he's brought an infant he knows what to do. But when Sid shows up claiming to be the infants relative Dan knows there is no way Sid can take care of the child and navigate across the Nullarbor to safety.
Sid is coming from a place where his people settled a long time before and have strange abilities doesn't know the first thing about taking care of a baby.
Dan decides to travel with Sid to make sure the child gets safely where she's going with Sid. During their wild ride across Australia Dan discovers Sid's strange abilities and his own attraction to the man. Sid and Dan travel thru danger to reach Sid's Family and Dan can't decide which is more scary the war or Sid's family.
Will Dan and Sid be allowed to remain together or will the family force them apart?
Running the Nullarbor was an exciting tale and enjoyable to read. The relationship between Dan and Sid was very believable and a good match, the sex was hot and sexy.   Though for the first part of the story I had no idea where it took place or when it took place. I did enjoy it a lot and will recommend it to friends.

Book Blurb for Running the Nullarbor

Times are tough in Western Australia. There's a war on, though nobody will call it that yet. Dan, injured in the line of duty, now takes in orphaned children until the Red Cross can find a place for them. He's become an old hand at looking after the kids, running his little hand crank radio, and just surviving.

That is until Sid rolls up to his house on a motorcycle, claiming to be the uncle of the baby girl Dan is currently looking after. It isn't that Dan doesn't believe Sid, it's just that the man knows nothing about taking care of babies and Dan doesn't see how Sid is going to manage taking the child across the outback on his bike.

Heavy bombing in the area prompts Dan to flee eastward with Sid and the baby, but neither Sid nor the baby are your ordinary humans and the so-called police action is becoming more and more of a war every day. Will Dan and his companions survive the army, the war, the outback, and, worst of all, Sid's relatives to become something more than they are?

Stay tuned to this exciting futuristic tale and find out!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.75