Running Hot

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Running Hot

Ambulance paramedic James Wilson loves his job. When he transports to St. Michael’s Hospital the excitement gets hotter. He gets to see doctor Calvin Dane. James has an attraction to Calvin and would love to act on his attraction to the doctor though he sees Calvin Dane as aloof and distant. Plus he has never responded to flirting. That is until they meet outside of work. While at a bar they chat for hours and things heat up more. Will this all lead to a one-night stand or a lasting relationship?

Running Hot was a fun and good short story about finding your mate no matter where you are. The passionate and sexy love scenes really added to the storyline and I give Kudos to author Stephanie Hecht. This is another one of those stories where she kept me up past my bedtime. This is one that I’ll recommend to the NOR readers and friends. It’s a nice quick love story.

Book Blurb for Running Hot

This ambulance runs hot in more ways than one.

A thrill of excitement always went through paramedic James Willson whenever he transported a patient to St. Michael's hospital, but it had nothing to do with the rush of the job. It was one of the emergency department doctors that set his heart racing--the very sexy, very aloof Calvin Dane. For months now, James has admired Calvin from afar, but has never dared act on his feelings since the doctor didn't seem to return his interest. Then one intimate encounter in the back of his ambulance forever changes things between the two men. But does the doctor truly care for James or is he just looking for a brief hookup? And can James's heart survive the hurt if Calvin forever turns his back on what could have been?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00