Gillham Pack, #5

Rick is a pretty good addition to the Gillham Pack series and I liked it a lot. Rick being so vulnerable and damaged was what made him appealing. And Cole, I have always liked big gruff bears. The two together made for a good read, the story moved well for me.

I liked the introduction of another character to this book.

I recommend this story for the good read it is.

Book Blurb for Rick

Rick has spent all his life under Alpha Erskine’s thumb. He was forced to become part of the man’s inner circle when his father died and to participate in things that still give him nightmares. He’s used to being shunned, beaten, and derided for his stutter, and he doesn’t think things really can change, not even with Kameron as their new alpha.

Cole is part of the council, but he’s really a wandering soul. He hasn’t stopped in one place in years, but meeting his mate while visiting the Gillham pack changes that. He knows Rick hasn’t had an easy life, and he intends to make his mate happy, no matter what it takes.

Rick struggles with his stutter and his past but slowly starts healing from the years of abuse. Cole is an important part of that healing, but what will happen when someone tries to take him away? Will Rick be strong enough to protect his mate, or will he lose him to greed?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00