Wolfman, #2

Daniel and Wolfman Mace are still trying to learn to live together and for Daniel not to get into so much trouble with his smart mouth. Daniel's former compound mates decide they want him back. They capture Mace as well as bring Daniel back to the compound where Daniel’s head of surgery Mother rules the roost.

Things don't go so well though because one of Mace's men will do anything to take Mace out of the picture and rule in his stead. This might even be the start to a war.

Can Mace and Daniel handle Daniel's mother as well as the challenger to Mace's rule of his Wolfmen?

Or will all hell break loose?

This next installment of the Wolfman series added to the storyline and kept me wanting to read on to find out what was going to happen next. This series must be read in series or you kind of get lost on what is going on. It is a good series with lots of hot passionate sex and a little adventure added to the mix. I recommend you keep reading the stories to find out what happens next.

Book Blurb for Revelations

The world fell apart after a virus killed billions, and turned most male survivors into violent wolfmen. That left the world in the hands of a lot of lonely women... As the last gay man standing, how much worse could things get?

I thought getting captured by said wolfmen -- who don't tolerate smart mouthed humans -- topped the list. Although that turned out to have a silver lining named Mace. Best sex of my life and he cares enough to fight for me. Life was starting to look up, in a kinda weird way.

That's when Murphy's Law kicked in. All those lonely women I was escaping? They want me back, even if they have to kill my lover to get me. And then there's my mother. How the hell do you introduce your alpha wolfman lover to your mother, the man-eating former head of surgery?

Toss in a psychotic major, a wolfman willing to start a war to take Mace's place and a whole lot of mistrust. Old Murphy is having a damned field day...

This is part of a series. It's recommended that these titles be read in order. - 94 Pages

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50