Retreat From Love

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Retreat From Love

Brothers In Arms Book Five

When Anne Goode is surprised at her swimming by a strange man whom she tries to seduce she is astounded to find that he is none other then Brett Haversham companion to the Duke of Ashland Frederick Thorne a childhood friend. But when the two men set out to seduce Anne into marrying Freddy, Anne is saddened that she has to refuse because she thinks she isn't good enough for him with her tarnished reputation. Though she will take them as lovers.
Brett wants to please Freddy in all ways though not how Freddy wishes he would please him. Brett though loving both Anne and Freddy won't commit because he does not think he deserves to be happy because of a prior experience.
The three decided to pleasure each other in all ways, until Freddy's mother shows up with a fiance in tow making Anne almost run into another marriage to spare Freddy from his mother. Almost making a tragic mistake. Will Freddy and Brett be in time to stop Anne from making her mistake or will the three suffer for it
Retreat From Love was a bit hard to read because of the suffering hero. He was a little too much to handle. Freddy was funny though and Anne was just independent and saucy enough to keep the story from being boring. Even the love scenes were a bit different. Though the happily ever after ending kinda made up for it all. The other four book in this series were very good, while this one just didn’t have the same spark.

Book Blurb for Retreat From Love

Brothers In Arms Book Five

A man with everything except his heart’s desire.

Frederick Thorne, Duke of Ashland, has been in love with Brett Haversham for years. If the only way to have him is to give him what he wants Freddy will share him, in bed and out, with the woman Brett loves. The woman who was Freddy’s first love.

A man sacrificing everything for the past.

Brett Haversham is in love with two people he’s sworn never to touch. But his desires prove to be stronger than his resolve when they both set out to seduce him—together. The incredible sex they share overwhelms him.

A woman with nothing left to lose.

Anne Goode lost her fiancé Bertie in the war. Now his younger brother Freddy is back, all grown up into the handsome and powerful duke. And he’s brought Bertie’s best friend Brett with him. Lonely and already ruined, Anne can’t resist taking both of them as her lovers. Is the uncontrollable desire between the three enough to heal the wounds of the past and overcome the problems of the present? They must accept love rather than retreat from it.


Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 3.25