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Book Four in the Refuge Shifters Series

This is book 4 in the Refuge Shifters Series and is best read in order.

After an attempt on the Bird shifters lives they are now at Refuge being taken care of by the rest of the shifters.

Enapay has been best friends with Takoda for many years and knows that he is his chosen mate but since Takoda can't seem to shift into his crow skin he is rejecting everyone including Enapay's love.  Dr. Gray Whitmore is trying to find Takoda's problem and Enapay can't figure out his attraction to the human doctor. He feels it is betraying his love for Takoda.

When Enapay finely gives in to his attraction to the good doctor he finds that Gray is also his mate and that he is meant for two mates but neither Gray or Enapay can get Takoda to see that they are all meant to be together.

When Takoda's health takes a turn for the worst can they convince him that he is their third or will he die if ha can't accept his manskin as well as his crow skin?

Resolution is just as well written as the other three in this series and just as good. I enjoyed reading the story of difficult decisions as well as finding out that love does conquer all and can overcome barriers that are placed in ones life even if we place them ourselves as Takoda did in Resolution.

Passionate and sexy are what the love scenes were, and well worth reading. I enjoyed the scenes a lot between the three men together and with each other in pairs. This one I hope isn't the last of the series as I would love to revisit the shifters world again. I recommend the whole series for a good read with a storyline that continues smoothly from one book to the next.

Well done again Carol Lynne thanks for a good read.

Book Blurb for Resolution

CATEGORY: Contemporary, Paranormal Erotic Romance, Shifters, M/M, GLB
ELEMENTS: Strong sexual content, graphic language, male/male intercourse, ménage and anal play.
HEAT LEVEL:  Fire Opal
LENGTH: Category

After an attempt on their lives an unknown group, the bird shifters are forced to seek shelter at Refuge. Having spent years in their bird-skin, the adjustment for some isn?t easy.

Bird shifters Takoda and Enapay have been best friends for years. Enapay knows Takoda is his chosen mate, but Takoda refuses to consider a life living in his man-skin. When Enapay starts to work closely with Dr. Gray Whitmore, he can?t understand his overwhelming attraction to the human.

With Takoda?s continued rebuffs, Enapay finally gives into his desire for Gray. It is soon apparent, Gray was meant to be Enapay?s mate. But when Takoda?s health takes a turn for the worse, old feelings resurface. Enapay is left wondering why Father Sky gifted him with two mates, especially when one of them still refuses to live as a man.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00