Rediscovering Himself

Wolves of Stone Ridge Book 40

“Rediscovering Himself” is book forty in the Wolves of Stony Ridge series. This is an enjoyable book and I liked the return of characters from other books. This story was a little stilted and slow. Still I wanted to read it fully as I have enjoyed the series so much. The chemistry between Drako and Kwanza was OK but not as hot and intense as some of the other books.

I still recommend this book for a good read and to continue the series. I look forward to the next installment of the Wolves of Stony Ridge.

Book Blurb for Rediscovering Himself

Drako Rundin had a rude awakening to the paranormal world—holy crap, vampires and shifters are real! Still, he thinks it’s pretty cool. After so much time thinking he’s weird for being a gay, video-game-loving geek, he finds he’s not the only oddball. Accepting his new friends’ offer to go to Denver, helping the pair move an ostrich farm in the process, he meets so many more people who are different.

Kwanza learns he’s been in captivity for a long, long time. He’s grateful to the group of friendly paranormals who rescued him and knows they worry about him. While he remembers shifting to human form—decades ago—he struggles to actually do it. The other shifters are patient and accommodating, giving him wide open spaces in which to live.

When Kwanza meets Drako, he recognizes the plump, cute human as his mate. While he succeeds in shifting, he can’t seem to hold it for long. With Drako’s help, can he relearn how to be human all over again?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.50