Red Hunger

Night Squad, #1

Bartender Vince West knows to keep his head down in the biker bar he works at but he can't quite hide his attraction to the truck driver Jas Tudor. But when Jas shows an interest in the side business of Vince’s boss, Vince knows for certain to keep clear. That is until Jas and his team show up at Vince's home explaining that they are there to take Vince’s boss and the leader of the drug cartel down repentantly. They also want Vince to help them. Vince knows that Jas is a vampire. That doesn't matter to him at all because the sex is hot and passionate between the two men.

Jas Tudor craves Vince’s blood because it is sweet and heady to him. He hopes that Vince will be alright after the assignment is over.

Vince is convinced that he won't live much after Jas and his team takes down the drug dealers. If they don't get him then Jas' team probably will.

When the assignment is over though Jas' team tries to wipe Vince's mind and it doesn't take. Will there be a future for Jas and Vince or will it all end when the assignment does?

Red Hunger was a good read. It did go fast and I would have liked to have seen a little more story. I enjoyed this it and recommend it to those who crave paranormal vampire stories.

Book Blurb for Red Hunger

When the sexy trucker he's fantasized about turns out to be a CIA assassin-and a vampire-whose team needs his help to bring down a drug dealer, bartender Vince West lets go of inhibitions he's harbored too long and admits his sexuality, allowing himself the freedom to share his bed with Jas. But in agreeing to help the Night Squad, Vince gives up his dreams of returning to San Francisco. He knows he probably won't survive the sting, whether it's the drug dealers who get him.or the vampires.

Jas Tudor and his team need Vince to lead them to a drug kingpin, but Jas' interest in the handsome bartender with the ultra-sweet blood goes deeper. He lures Vince out of his protective shell and enjoys taking him to unimaginable heights of pleasure, even as Jas counts his regrets. His team is swift and destructive, and rarely leaves behind survivors. If Vince doesn't end up as collateral damage, the vampires will mind-wipe him when the operation concludes, destroying his memories of their magical time together.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75