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Rodney the gargoyle meets David Marshall one lonely night. Rodney is guarding David's building.

Rodney not knowing how to tell David that he is not quite human only talks to David from the shadows. But when David is mugged Rodney reveals himself to David to save his life. David sees Rodney and doesn't run screaming from the gargoyle but instead sees beyond the surface to the man beneath.

Can David save Rodney though when his pedestal falls and crashes into pieces? or will his time run out?

Raincheck was a short and fun paranormal read. For me it was a bit too short and needed more story. Still it's a great diversion when you only have a few minutes to spare and enjoy gargoyle stories.

Book Blurb for Raincheck

Rodney isn’t like other gargoyles. No doubt it’s because of his fascination with humans and their culture. For decades he’s been content to observe from the shadows, but then a lonely human wanders onto Rodney’s rooftop one night and turns his world upside down. David Marshall is everything Rodney has wanted in all his years of solitude. Rodney manages to keep his crush and his identity a secret until David needs a gargoyle’s protection more than late-night conversations with a reclusive friend. Will David be able to see past the monstrous exterior to the true person within? Time is running out, and Rodney must try to grab onto life—and love—before it’s too late.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.25