Rainbow Courage

Rainbow Courage is a good coming out story about finding love even though it will be rough. Carter has an inner conflict because his father is very much against queers. When Carter falls in love with Peter will he be able to overcome his fear and give their love a chance? I liked this story a lot and enjoyed reading it till the end. I recommend Rainbow Courage to others as a great read.

Truck driver Carter Braiden's life has been turned upside down. His ex-wife is killed in a car accident and Carter is now sole custodian of his son Toby. Having to change his life completely to give Toby stability he isn't prepared for the attraction he has for Peter, Toby's daycare provider. All his life Carter has listened to his father rant against queers, so he knows that it will cause more upheaval is he comes out and gives Peter and his love life a chance.

Book Blurb for Rainbow Courage

Carter’s life is in upheaval. His ex-wife has passed away in a car accident, leaving him to care for his three year old son, Toby. This means a new home and a new job. Being attracted to Toby’s daycare owner, Peter, is not part of the plan. He’s listened to his father rant about queers for years, so Carter always figured coming out would cause more problems than it solved. But after sharing one passionate kiss with Peter, he can’t stop thinking about the man. Can Carter find the courage to face the drama caused by coming out, stand up to his family, and go after his man? (Page Count: 71, Heat Level: 4)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00