Pyro's Accidental Shooting

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Pyro's Accidental Shooting

Hounds of the Hunt Book 2

Pyro's Accidental Shooting gets a WOW! I liked this story as much as I enjoyed the first book “Archie's Accidental Kidnapping”. These are from the Hounds of the Hunt series.

From the first meeting between Pyro and Callum, which Callum shot Pyro accidentally, to the end of the book, with them finding the love they deserved, everything was perfect. I enjoyed the humor a lot. The heat between Pyro and Callum burned the screen up. The little quirk of Pyro's was entertaining, to say the least. Having Callum enjoy that little quirk it was hot.

Toni Griffin is and auto buy for me. Toni is a very good story teller and one I pick up whenever I come across a new book of hers. The next book in the series will be a must read for me. Thank You Toni for another great read.

Book Blurb for Pyro's Accidental Shooting

Hounds of the Hunt: Book 2

PRECEDING BOOK: Archie's Accidental Kidnapping

NEXT BOOK: Jordan's Accidental Adoption

Winter in Melbourne makes the hunt for supernatural beings gone bad harder than usual during the cold foggy nights. A chill has settled deep in Pyro’s bones. One he can’t shake loose. More than anything, Pyro wishes for a heart mate of his own to come home to after the long nights of a hunt, one who understands him and his desires, who can hold him together when he needs to let go.

Life has always been planned out for Callum. His family of cops expected him to be a cop, so that's what he became. But Callum isn’t so sure about being a detective for the Melbourne police. Not many people understand the demands of being a cop, and it’s been the downfall of more than one of his relationships. Why should his chance of loving someone get sidelined for a job he isn’t even sure he wants?

One fateful encounter on a fog-shrouded night changes both their worlds forever. Now Pyro just has to convince his heart mate they belong together while Callum tries to come to terms with a world he never knew existed and does his best to make up for accidentally shooting the unusual and intriguing hellhound.

Word Count: 90,000

Page Count: 340 pages

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50