Putting Out Fires

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Putting Out Fires

Firefighter Carlin Phodes loves his work and he's good at his job, but something is missing from his life and he finds that something when he joins a friend at a club called Baseline. he meets dancer Zaid at the club. When the club blazes up around them Zaid leads Carlin to safety and a whole lot more.
Zaid takes Carlin home for a night of hot and fiery passion. The next morning though Carlin is called in to help investigate the fire and finds more than he bargained for. He finds out that Zaid is a supernatural and there are more in the city.
There's more to Zaid then just a pretty face and gorgeous body though. He's avoiding his fate as Fire-Djinn Leader by hiding among the humans. He dances to entertain and to fill the void until he meets Carlin. Then things change.
When another Fire-Djinn comes to the city can Zaid and Carlin defeat him or will the city burn?
Putting out Fires was a good read. To me it was a little choppy and didn't flow smoothly. That though didn't detract a lot from the interesting storyline of a human and a Fire-Djinn finding love during danger. The love scenes where smoking hot and very enjoyable.

This book is worth picking up for its interesting storyline and hot love scenes.

Book Blurb for Putting Out Fires

Genre: LGBT Fantasy Paranormal

Length: Novella

Carlin Rhodes is a firefighter, first and foremost. He loves his work, he’s good at the job, and he’s reliable to a fault. Some might say he’s too focused. A night out on the town with a good friend is exactly the thing he needs to loosen up. Even if that good friend abandons him at the doors to the Baseline and leaves him to find his own fun.

Zaid, a fire-called Djinn, dances at the Baseline, a nightly routine that bares it all for his customers and keeps him entertained while he avoids his destiny as a leader of his kind. When Carlin watches, though, it’s more than having fun. Zaid is intrigued and curious, drawn to the somber, focused man.

And like a moth to a flame, the firefighter is drawn to the fire-called djinn—and into a fight to save his city from the flame, when Zaid's destiny comes calling.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, male/male sexual practices, violence.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.25