Pursued by the Wandering Spider

Venomous Mates #3

“Pursued by the Wandering Spider” is the third and exciting installment in the Venomous Mates series. This story continues the telling of these unique men who are crosses between human and venomous creatures.

In this story, Boone and Julius are the next two to find each other. The war between the good guys and the bad guys is also heating up. Julius has spirit and Boone just wants to protect his mate, which causes conflict between the two men and makes for a really good read. These two men are humorous and intense is their courtship. But it adds to the story line of the series. Again, I recommend this series!

Book Blurb for Pursued by the Wandering Spider

Boone has kept it no secret that he wants Julius for his own. Hell, he’s pursued the guy relentlessly from the moment he saw an assassin lying in wait to harm Julius. Now, Boone has one mission, to go with his friend, TL, and unite the fire ants to their cause of getting loved ones and Mission Territory back. However, there’s no way Boone will leave his mate, knowing that even at the hive, Julius could be taken from him. So, now, he will have no choice but to bring the man he loves into the heart of danger.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.00