Porpoiseful Intent

Placida Pod, #2

This is the second book in the Placida Pod series. It delves a little more in-depth about the pod and their day to day lives. The murder mystery entwined with the continuation of the love story between Sean and Emery adds to this part of the story. I liked that this continued into another book and it seems to be just the second of the series waiting for the next book. The next book will make the read all the better as it can build upon what has already been established. I recommend this book as well as the first, Accidentally on Porpoise. Do read this series in order.

When a large gathering is scheduled for all the pods near and far, the tension gets high for Sean and Emery. Emery is his helping his father and mother plan the event and Sean is trying to keep the knowledge of what and who Emery and his people are. With a hurricane heading their way it just may put a crimp in the plans. Then one of Emery's pod mates disappears during a hunt before the storm. When they find his body they know Erik is still around. Then another pod member also disappears. Should cancel the gathering or bring in outside help to catch the rogue shifter? On top of that a playful alligator shifter appears on the scene to help with the search. Can Emery and his people capture Erik before he kills again or will he escape and cause more trouble for Emery and Sean?

Book Blurb for Porpoiseful Intent

Sean Morita and Emery Nadel are enjoying settling in together as mates, but there is deadly trouble brewing on the horizon as plans for the Samhain superpod get underway. Sean’s parents have no idea that Emery and his family are dolphin shifters, and everyone wants to keep it that way. But what do you get when you mix a hurricane, a houseful of dolphin shifters, a pair of oblivious human parents, a vengeful ex-lover, and an alligator shifter with a warped sense of humor? Sean and Emery are about to find out. Erik isn’t finished with Emery yet, and innocent shifters will pay the price when vengeance returns with Porpoiseful Intent.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00