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As captain of a pirate ship Richard Jones is out for one last broadside and the gold it will bring him for his future. But when he finds a stowaway on board it almost changes everything. The friendship that develops between him and Justin turns into more during the long voyage and helps him thru the tough times ahead when they return to England.
Justin Alexander Taylor is running from an abusive father and has always wanted to take to the sea and stows away on the ship called His Revenge. He doesn’t know its a pirate ship. When he's almost assaulted during the first few days aboard the captain takes him into his cabin and into his confidences. Justin falls in love with the handsome captain and tries to get him to notice him.
When they return to England after a successful voyage it's Justin who helps Richard when he finds the woman who he thought he loved has betrayed him.
Will Richard turn to Justin or will Richard leave him behind when he leaves the ship.
I enjoyed reading Pirates. It has lots of humor and while Justin is learning the ropes of being a pirate I laughed quite often, as it was so funny. The love scenes between Justin and Richard were tender and a discovery of what loving can be. I will most definitely recommend this book to friends and other readers looking for a good story.

Book Blurb for Pirates

Justin Alexander Taylor had always dreamed of a life at sea. Living on the tip of England’s coastline, Justin escaped one night from his abusive father and stowed away on a ship. What Justin didn’t realize was the sloop, His Revenge, was a pirate ship, out for a broadside and gold.

Captain Richard Jones escaped his own life of hell with the British Royal Navy. Leading the group of ragged men to their next adventure, Captain Jones never expected a stowaway to emerge from the bowels of the ship while they were asea.

As the captain sought to protect Justin from the violent crew, a friendship blooms between he and his young charge. Soon immersed in bloody battles with Spanish galleons, the two men form a close bond which is about to be tested.

Justin knew he would be in for an adventure when he left England, he just didn’t know he would find the love of his life in the process.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.25