Picture Perfect

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Picture Perfect

Book Two in the Lost Boys and Love Letters Series

For years Cameron Walker has had a crush on veterinarian Jeremy Montgomery but because of his last disastrous relationship he is reluctant to act on it. When his niece Emily comes for her summer visit and her part time work at the clinic he finally acts on it. Jeremy asks him for a dance then a date.
Things seem to be going great for the pair, until little presents start showing up on Cameron's doorstep or in his truck. Detective Patrick Hawkins Cameron's best friend is concerned about Cameron and Jeremy and has every right to be when the stalker stabs Cameron's dog and then goes after Jeremy.
Will this drive Cameron back into his self imposed exile or will Jeremy and Patrick save Cameron before it's to late?
I really enjoyed the storyline a lot. The one drawback though is the stalker part of the storyline. He didn't show up until the middle of the book when he should have been mentioned from the beginning of it. The love scenes though were hot and sexy and made for an interesting read. I will be recommending this to friends and readers because I did like the storyline.

Book Blurb for Picture Perfect

Perhaps it's a twist of fate when event photographer Cameron Walker runs into veterinarian Jeremy Montgomery at a wedding. Cameron has harbored a crush on the handsome man since high school, and he can't believe his luck. Jeremy asks him to dance, and Cameron's over the moon.

Having admired Cameron from afar, Jeremy is just as thrilled to discover Cameron feels the same.  After a few dates,  Cameron and Jeremy (and their new dog) are ready to embark on a loving journey they both have dreamed of—a new life together.

Cameron's best friend, Detective Patrick Hawkins, is very happy for the new couple. But he's equally worried when mysterious gifts with disturbing letters keep appearing, targeting Cameron. When the stalking escalates to a senseless and stunning act of violence, Patrick is there for the two men, both physically and emotionally. Working together, Cameron, Jeremy, and Patrick set out to find the stalker and put a stop to his actions, but will they be able to stop him before it's too late?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.00