Perfect Cadence

When Josh was young he fell in love with Maddie Page who was years older then him. Josh loved his music as much as he loved Maddie but when she wouldn't return his love he was upset and when Dawson Kidd came along Josh was confused because he was attracted to Dawson. Dawson Kidd barged into Josh's life and music with an Australian force turning Josh and his music upside down.

He turned to Maddie for advice and she told him to go for it. When Josh brought Dawson over for dinner the three way attraction was hot and lustful. Maddie hadn't anticipated it not when she was moving away from Toronto to the West coast. Can Josh and Dawson change Maddie's mind or will they loose her forever?

Perfect Cadence was good and I enjoyed reading it. This is one that readers will pick up again and again. It's a real keeper!

Book Blurb for Perfect Cadence

There's only one thing Josh loves more than his music — Maddie Page. Maddie began as his guitar teacher, but soon grew to be his best friend. But because of Maddie's insistence they remain only friends, he's had to content himself with expressing his passions through the chords and riffs of his guitar, and pursuing his dream of leading his rock band to fame and fortune. No woman has ever come close to making him feel the way Maddie does and, inevitably, his dating relationships end in failure.

Then Dawson Kidd strides into his life. Tall and lean, with a Down Under accent and a dramatic flair for rock and roll, Dawson cajoles his way into Josh's band — and his bed. Confused and frightened by his feelings for Dawson, Josh runs to Maddie for comfort and support. But Maddie is struggling with her own demons and her reaction to his news is unexpected — and passionate.

Suddenly Josh finds himself with two lovers and a decision that tears at his heart and soul.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00