Owned by Fate

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Owned by Fate

The Dragon Soul Series, #5

"Owned by Fate" is the fifth book in the Dragon Souls Series. This is a book I can recommend. This story brings all the brothers and their mates together to protect and serve. This is what the guys live for!

In this book we get the story of Corryn being Micah's soul mate and the long road to their finally being able to be together. Micah's finally finding out why Corryn did what he did in the beginning. Now Micah has to convince Corryn that now is their time to be together.

The intense passion between Micah and Corryn just added to the story and brought it together with the other brothers and their mates.

I enjoyed the whole series and it is a series. I'm making a really strong suggestion that you read these books in order. Sean Michael writes a really good set of books. This series has BDSM theme. I enjoyed the Dragon shifter love stories. I will read Sean Michael again because I enjoyed these books.

Book Blurb for Owned by Fate

The Beteferoce brothers: five dragon shifters, each with a strong elemental power and a destiny that will not be denied.

Dr. Mike Beteferoce turned his back on magic long ago. His heart broke and his desire for a soul mate disappeared. When he sees his family crest branded above Corryn’s heart, his first instinct is to flee. The last thing he wants now is a Fae interfering in his life—especially one who has already rejected him.

But fate has other plans.

Corryn knows Mike is his soul mate, has known since the sigil was branded on his skin centuries ago. Long before Mike came to him as a studly young dragon just entering his prime. It was far too early for them to be together then, but now their time has come.

But despite their draw to each other, Corryn doesn’t believe Mike can accept him for who—and what—he is. Mike must breathe life into their bond—loving Corryn as both soul mate and Fae—if they are to fulfill their destiny.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2019 4.00